Project Management

At Soce Investments we understand that our clients demand and expect VALUE and realising this VALUE through our Project Management services means that we deliver quality work as the expected mandate. We are geared to effectively and efficiently manage time, resources, money, and project scope as the basic elements to project delivery. We are driven as project managers to believe that the Project Manager is not simply just a point of contact for our our clients; we are the key to successful project delivery.

Our mandate to our clients as project managers is to provide them with VALUE, knowledge, know how and competence. Our key areas of competence include:

  1. Providing creative solutions in an attempt to lower costs and meet project objectives.
  2. Effectively articulating contractual and funding processes within the project life cycle.
  3. Accurately analysing internal and external project proposals enabling accurate scoping, budgeting and scheduling to ensure best value for money / resource.
  4. Developing an accurate scope of work outlining project requirements and needs while ensuring strict adherence to the relevant legislative, contractual and code / regulatory compliance.
  5. Building accurate cost estimates based on client requirements.
  6. Providing project documentation, reporting monitoring and evaluation of all aspects / work being performed.
  7. Coordinating between contractors and project supervisors to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction and comfort. This includes the facilitation of monthly, weekly or biweekly coordination meetings, proper project reporting, progress updates, report submittals, and change request management.
  8. Developing projected schedules that accurately reflect the required time for each milestone in the overall mandate requirement.
  9. Ensuring through effective monitoring, oversight and quality control methods that projects stay on-time and on-budget.
  10. Navigating and advising clients through complex technical, contractual, and or regulatory issues.