Project Management.

Our Project Management services provide clients with the skill sets necessary to enable the efficient coordination of resources. We are able to direct and coordinate multidisciplinary and diverse groups of resources through performing various components of work which when achieved enables the organisation to realise the desired objectives (the contracted scope of work) on time and within budget.

Business Plan Writing & Development.

Our business plan writing service is coordinated to enable our clients to get the best of our team of business experts. We work with clients to exploit their ideas; numbers and concepts are combined with the extensive research to produce a professional, bankable well-formatted business plan.

Portfolio Management.

As part of our diversification strategy, Soca Investments acts as holding company, managing a portfolio of own projects within diverse sectors.

Advisory & Consulting Services.

Our Advisory and Consulting services are focused on empowering corporate leadership to reduce, manage, and mitigate risk and improve the strategic position of their enterprises. Through Advisory Services we are able to help clients improve processes and procedures in areas such as audit, regulatory compliance, product development, business division start up, mergers and acquisitions and technology management. Our consulting service provides clients with an implementation platform enabling the enterprise to conduct research and a framework for the implementation of findings.

Due Diligence Investigations & Reporting.

Our due diligence investigation and reporting services is an intensive information gathering process, at the end of which we are able to provide the client with an accurate portrait of the aspect under investigation (companies and individuals). The due diligence investigation report provided will accurately assess the risks, protect against and prevent actual or potential fraud, and guide informed business decision making.